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What could be more natural than learning to work with the plants that live amongst us? Herbalism takes us back to the ways of our ancestors, as we unearth our heritage. Whether we grow culinary herbs, drink herbal teas, apply topical herbal ointments; we are all part of the magic of herbalism.


working with plants, flowers and trees that grow around us for health and wellness

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. It treats body, mind and spirit as one, and strives to balance the essential elements that exist in all of us to attain our natural state of pure health.


a whole system of living in balance with nature

My healing journey began through my own illnesses in my late teens, after searching for long-term relief for imbalances. With the help of the holistic model of herbalism, I was on the road to understanding my body, mind and spirit more deeply. I felt connection, like a “coming home” This brought about a strong curiosity about the healing properties of plants. After spending many years of studying with some of our leading herbal educators, and applying herbalism in my own life with my growing family, I am honoured to be a Registered Herbalist, where I can assist others in their own healing journey. I have since spent several years living and breathing the science and art of Ayurvdic medicine, which felt like the “missing link” where all of the pieces came together.

I blend my love for the ancient healing traditions of Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Yoga to create a holistic and inclusive model for healing in my private practice, Wildflowers Wellness. I invite you to walk this delightful journey of self discovery through my one-on-one consultations.

working with Jane

registered herbalist and ayurvedic yoga educator (YTT500)

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