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The moment you turn into this country lane, there is a sense of letting go, a stepping away from it all. With the tree lined drive, surrounded by an enchanted garden, you can feel natures support. This feeling is woven into all that is offered at Wildflowers Farm. Whether you come to shop and sip tea, stroll through the gardens, attend one of the many workshops, classes, seasonal festivals or to celebrate your future wedding here; Wildflowers Farm will leave you with a sense of calm, community and connection to nature.

Meet the Wildflowers Family! Myself Jane, my three wonderfully spirited children, our growing count of chickens and bees, along with our incredible team, we want to welcome you to Wildflowers Farm.

We call this 9 acre farm home, our sanctuary, and a gathering space for community steeped in love. A space to work with our heads, hearts, and hands, and held by the magic of the land.

I’m a Registered Herbalist and Ayurvedic Yoga teacher with a passion for blending both eastern and western healing modalities. Following rhythms of nature is the foundation to all we do at the farm, from deep inner work on our mats in the winter, to summer celebrations of love, there is a natural flow to the wheel of our year. Like Wildflowers, we thrive in non-traditional environments, honour those also taking the road less travelled by creating sacred spaces for connectivity and healing to occur.

Step onto the grass and take a tour with me, Jane. Picture the views and imagine the sound of nature buzzing around, as I share our journey with you of how Wildflowers Farm came to be.

our story

My pursuit of herbal medicine began with my own healing journey and need for relief from chronic headaches and digestive issues (not subsiding with allopathic medicine). I began to feel substantial changes in my body, mind and spirit, and my life’s path became very clear from that moment onwards that needed to pursue this as a career, so I could assist others in their own healing journey.

Traveling, nature, and adventure opened my heart, and I haven’t looked back since! This is the same thread that is woven into my home and business life. We love what we do and do what we love.

reconnecting with nature

living on the land

The farm name is a homage to my instinctual love of wildflowers, which grew so abundantly along the windy British countryside roads, the place I was born and lived for many years.
As a family, we opened our hearts to this land and allowed the natural flow to guide us to where we are now. What started as such a special place to raise our children grew into what we know of it today: a community gathering space that celebrates the arts, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and makes room for the wild ones to flourish.

gathering, bees & botanicals

Our collective passion for all things bees + botanicals, brought us to open our farm to our community 14 years ago. We wanted to share our farm and love of living closely to nature's rhythms. Whether we're hosting herb walks, classes, seasonal celebrations, our Friday Night Market, weddings or special events we feel strongly about coming together in community to share nature's abundance and co-create a life steeped in joy and connection. 

We invite you to join in our growing adventure at Wildflowers Farm. Whether you come to shop, attend one of our workshops or celebrate weddings, “may your life be like wildflowers, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day” native American Proverb

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