Flow Fest

Flow Fest

Sunday, August 25th, 9am-5pm

  • $133.00

Flow Fest


A full day experience to bring us into the flow through meaningful and heart centered classes + workshops.  You will be offered a steady stream of opportunities to reach bigger and better versions of our true selves. From 9am-5pm you will bask in a variety classes + workshops lead by seasoned teachers + healers.


Join us for a full day of yoga, meditation, movement, Ayurveda, astrology, sound healing, bhakti, nutrition, and so much more!


**The full class schedule + teachers will be announced soon**



Your ticket includes:

*5 workshops/ classes

*Catered vegan lunch

*10-15 minute mini session with our practitioners in the healing garden. From Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Card Readings, Sound Healing and more!

All on the peaceful surroundings of the farm


Living in the flow isn’t just about going with the flow. Its about letting go of the worry about being in control and just diving into life, fully + whole heartedly; this is what living in the flow is all about. Are you ready to dive in?

** full class schedule + teachers **

***Rise + Align Yoga with Jane Magri R.H., YTT 500, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant: Body + spirit with this uplifting class. A beautiful flow to start your day! This is an all levels class, modifications and mindful movements included.

***Bhakti Yoga Rachel McGarry & Karyn Austin Kirtan Artists and Yoga Teachers:
Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of the heart. Join Mahadevi members Rachel and Karyn as we explore this devotional chant practice; it’s history, the benefits of chanting, the power of mantra and by singing together. Join in the music
meditation as we explore both Japa and Kirtan styles of Bhakti Yoga. All voices are welcome!

***Aromatherapy Maureen Harrison Intuitive Healer/ Aromatherapist:
Create an Aromatic Anointing Serum to support deepened breath, to bring you inward and calm your thoughts so you can BE in the flow. A bespoke recipe will be created especially for the event and drop by drop you will create
your Anointing Serum.

***Yoga for Emotional Balance with Jen Lang:
True emotional balance is not only about having happy emotions, it has to do with how we relate to our emotions and the residue they leave behind. These therapeutic tools include meditative practices, visualization, breathing exercises, gentle movement, relaxation techniques & Restorative Yoga. When we are emotionally balanced, we can experience strong emotions, yet resiliently refrain from letting them limit us. These practices emphasize our mental and emotional strength and flexibility, to offer our minds and bodies relaxation and balance.

***Honouring our Manipura Chakra through Healthy Eating with
Kathryn White:
Join us as we discuss the relationship between the food we eat, our endocrine system, and our manipura chakra (solar plexus). Walk away with ideas for incorporating healthy recipes into your life that can help light your inner fire.

***Living Ayurveda with Jane Magri, R.H., YTT 500, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant:
This engaging workshop which walks you through the Vedic science of healing for both body and mind. Introducing you to the 5 elements, how they pertain to you and the seasons, and ways to bring balance in one's life through
diet, lifestyle and use of herbs. Unique Doshic tea provided.

***Yin Yoga with Karyn Austin Yoga Teacher:
Delve into a delicious and nourishing Yin Yoga class. With each restorative pose we bring a Yin (feminine) energy that balances out mostly Yang (busy, hectic) life. Poses are held for longer than usual, giving the body and mind time to surrender, drop into the breath and heal. A true gift to your body, mind and soul.

***Women’s Self Defence: “I am ENOUGH. I can protect what’s mine.” Emma O’Connor:
The goal of this workshop is to empower and inspire women to harness their physical power as a mechanism to awaken their inner strength. This will be an introduction to self-defense, teaching women how to fight rather than freeze from an awareness and physical protection standpoint. To take up space and use their voice. Impactful and
fun, everyone will walk away with some new badass tools to put in their toolbox. A grounding meditation to end will land everyone is a space of safety and love.

***The Art of Smudging with Vanessa Skinner:
Learn about various medicine plants, what they offer and how to create your own cleansing ceremony. Take home your very own smudge stick!

***Pamper Your Soles with Maureen Harrison Intuitive Healer/ Aromatherapist:
This hands on self care workshop begins with a Botanical and Mineral rich foot soak and cleanse. Learn about
reflex points and relaxation techniques to calm and support grounding while incorporating “Haelen Balm” to soften
and to soothe...from Sole to Soul.

***‘Sing you to Sleep’ Restorative Yoga with Rachel McGarry: When is the last time you had a deep rest? Restorative yoga may feel very different than other types of yoga, in that once you are in a supported pose, you have nothing to do but rest and receive. Your body slowly lets go of tension and habitual patterns of holding will melt away. This is a gentle practice of self-nurturing. It is nourishment for the weary body and spirit. And...while you rest, Rachel will sing sweet songs and soothing mantras to you. Lullabies for grown ups! 

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