Lunah Holistic Facials

Lunah Holistic Facials

Tuesday, July 30th


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Lunah's beautiful holistic facial are finally here to experience! Join us at Wildflowers farm on July 30th from 11am-7pm, and treat yourself to a facial like none-other. Lunah will be popping up on the farm, with all of their tools, crystals and love. Each facial is 75minutes, and includes:
The Lunah Soul Soothing Facial is designed to restore balance in your body, mind and spirit. As well you will see an improvement in the overall health of your skin, smoother softer finish, less tightness, improvements of wrinkle areas, lifting and sculpting, brighter eyes. We use our own Lunah facial product line, beautiful ancient skin care tools, facial massage techniques, + healing hands, to leave your skin feeling fresh, young and full of life. 
What is all involved? 
A deep oils cleanse, a grounding face + body spray, lymphatic drainage massage, facial tissue work, use of Kansa Wand, facial cupping, Gua Sha tools, Marma point energy flow, and aura cleansing. 
End your session with an intuitive card pull.

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