Violet Flame Workshop

Violet Flame Workshop

Saturday, June 1st, 1pm-3pm

  • $56.50

Injury, illness, negativity and other daily stresses can bog us down and clog up our energy.  When this happens, it slows down the rate of vibration of the electrons in your cells.   This situation leaves us more susceptible to a downward spiral both physically and emotionally.
There is an ancient tool given to humanity by St. Germain called the Violet Flame (or Violet Fire).  The Violet Flame can help us transmute anything that is dissonant or negative into a higher vibration energy.  This action can help us heal and release old patterns, ways of being and beliefs that do not serve our highest good and greatest joy in life.

Brenda Dowell

Brenda V. Dowell E-RYT500 has been immersed in teaching for over 16 ½ years and her passion for yoga and the human body brought her to develop classes, courses, workshops and teacher trainings in Anatomy, Fascial Release, Advanced Asana, Restorative, Hands-On Assists and Psoas Release. where she has certified a large number of  students. However many students she has mentored along the way, she continues to be a lifetime student; constantly curious and wanting to learn more about life, living and herself. Her philosophy is: "The more I learn, the more I have to share", and with that, wants to empower people to know themselves better.

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