Living Ayurveda

Living Ayurveda

Feb 9th, 16th, 23rd

1;00 - 4;00 pm

  • $170.00

Join us at Wildflowers Farm as we share a course that will improve your health,

balance and well being whilst connecting you to your true nature.

Ayurveda was developed in ancient India thousands of years ago and is a

powerful system of personalized health care, offering a whole-person approach

to wellness that incorporates mind, body and spirit.

This ancient practice brings greater insight into your unique mind-body

constitution or dosha. Understanding your dosha can profoundly improve your

health and your ability to create well being on a daily basis. Providing the tools in

understanding what foods and exercise benefit you most, the best ways to

recharge your batteries, and a greater understanding of others.

Join us at the farm in this hands on immersion and discover a way of living that

energizes and enlivens you

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