Introduction to Yoga + Fascial Release with Brenda Dowell

Introduction to Yoga + Fascial Release with Brenda Dowell


1:00 - 5:00 pm

January 19th

  • $78.30

This workshop is an introduction to releasing and working with your Fascia/connective tissue.  It will aid in recognizing physical patterns of holding in your body. 

In order to release tension and stress in the muscles and connective tissue, we will discuss and target major areas of the body using:

• yoga & yoga therapeutic essentials

• ball & roller therapeutics

• stretching & massage

• conditioning movements

• breath work

Brenda Dowell

Brenda V. Dowell E-RYT500 has been immersed in teaching for over 16 ½ years and her passion for yoga and the human body brought her to develop classes, courses, workshops and teacher trainings in Anatomy, Fascial Release, Advanced Asana, Restorative, Hands-On Assists and Psoas Release. where she has certified a large number of  students. However many students she has mentored along the way, she continues to be a lifetime student; constantly curious and wanting to learn more about life, living and herself. Her philosophy is: "The more I learn, the more I have to share", and with that, wants to empower people to know themselves better.

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