Wildflowers Farmers Market is an initiative created to support our local farming economy. Holding space for food producers, farmers, and chefs to showcase the bounty of elgin county. Due to Covid19, we will be updating our rules and regulations and our vendor line up regularly on our social media pages as new phases start to come out.

Fridays 4pm-8pm | June 5th-October 9th

Due to COVID19, this market will look and feel different to events at wildflowers in the past.

There will be screening on entry, and a 1 way route that takes you around to all the vendors. Now offering a garden patio to enjoy a beverage from our Botanical Bar, eat your take out dinner from one of our vendors, and enjoy the atmosphere. We ask that groups no larger than 6 attend. Seating is first come first serve These measures are put into place to ensure the health and safety for all.


berry hill market

Berry Hill Market

Berry Hill Market is a 50 acre mixed fruit and vegetable farm just north of Aylmer.

c angelina meat catering

C'Angelina Meat Catering

Porchetta on a bun with salsa verde.

catering by james meadows

Catering by James Meadows

We love good food and good people, and Southwestern Ontario has both! We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such an agriculturally rich are in Elgin County. Chef James Meadows brings his many talents of cooking to catering in the St Thomas and London area. Be it a backyard barbecue, a wedding, retirement, or any other occasion to eat, Catering by James Meadows can supply the right food, for the right price, at the right time. We are your intimate party specialists! If you can imagine it, Chef James can create it. We look forward to catering to food lovers, like you! We are offering Chef James' Meat Pies and Condiments, starting with Salad Dressing.

common ground farm

Common Ground Farm

We are an organic vegetable farm just outside St. Thomas, a short drive from London. We grow delicious produce free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides throughout the year, so that you get sparkling fresh, just-picked vegetables at the peak of flavour. We have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA or vegetable box or food box program) and well as several online channels for 2020. We are excited to be a part of Wildflowers Farm Farmers' Market!

elgin acres farm

Elgin Acres Farm

We strive to farm in organic & sustainable ways, growing food without compromising the future generation's ecosystem or environment. We're part of the farm to table food revolution, located in Southwold Township, near St. Thomas, Ontario.

~Heirloom~Bio-Intensive~Small Lot Permaculture

elgin harvest wood fired pizza

Elgin Harvest

Preserving Traditions, Raising Expectations.

Pro chef, avant gardener, & local culinary enthusiast with a wood-fired oven and a vegetable garden in St. Thomas, Ontario. All pizzas need to be pre-ordered via our website.

harvest moon trading co

Harvest Moon Trading Co.

Harvest Moon Trading Co. is an artisan preserve company committed to sustainable agriculture, and strong local food systems. Combining traditional small batch preserving methods with unique takes on classic flavours, Harvest Moon offers a wide variety of seasonally changing preserves, with something for every person and palate. Seasonal ingredients from organic and biodynamic growers throughout the region come together to create indulgence that is both practical and sustainable.

la houlette de vie

La Houlette de Vie

La Houlette De Vie translates to “The Staff of Life” a phrase that makes reference to bread’s role as an important diet staple the world. This bread will fill you up for hours with nutrients that aren’t found in bread that has been mass produced.

All of Seth’s doughs are naturally fermented and made with only flour, water, sourdough, and salt. This is a process that can take up to 24 hours from start to finish. The flour for La Houlette De Vie breads comes from: Orchard Hill Farm, K2 Milling, Meunerie Milanaise.

lil greens microgreens

Lil' Greens Microgreens

A Truly Local Urban Farm
Our urban farm is located in the city of St. Thomas, Ontario. We closely manage every crop of microgreens ourselves. Lil' Greens Microgreens are grown in a sustainable system - using organic seed, peat moss and vermiculite - which are both completely recyclable and compostable after their nutrients have been used. We never use any fertilizers or pesticides on our lil' green babies, either!

And, unlike many other local vegetables, our microgreens can be grown year round. So, you're guaranteed fresh, delicious, healthy baby greens whenever you want!

meat boutique

Meat Boutique


Not only is our meat the highest quality available in the Canadian grading system, our animals are raised in natural, stress reduced environments (based on the advice and findings of top researchers). Our seafood selection encompasses only the most responsibly and sustainably harvested of ocean wildlife. Combine that with our competitive pricing and the unique experience provided by our "mobile boutique & delivery service" Meat Boutique is guaranteed to wow you in every way!

mulberry moon farm

Mulberry Moon Farm

Fresh. Local. Organic.

We are a small, ecological family farm located in Strathroy, ON, just half an hour west of London. We grow veggies - lots of them! - on 1.5 acres of land. We are passionate about sustainable, regenerative agriculture and rebuilding the connection between farm and community. We focus on nurturing great soil, promoting biodiversity, reducing our environmental impact, and working locally. The result is fresh, healthy, and super-tasty vegetables on your table! We sell our produce through custom Farm Shares, our farm store, local farmers’ markets and to local restaurants. We look forward to sharing our harvest with you!

our fields

Our Fields

Our Fields is a 2 acre vegetable farm run by Roger Thiessen and Romina Bortoluzzi in Aylmer, Ontario. We only use organic practices and have been doing so since we first started our farm 3 years ago. We grow wildflowers amongst our vegetables as well as use cover crops in order to encourage biodiversity in our fields and to promote soil health. Any excess vegetables we grow we make into homemade preserves that we sell alongside our fresh veggies at market. We started this venture to feel like we belong and are contributing to a community while promoting our values of sustainability and waste reduction. So far, so good!

salt and pepper meals

Salt & Pepper Meals

Salt & Pepper Meals, owned and operated by Anita Waite, is a meal service using local ingredients to provide fresh, healthy, and delicious meals for all of us with busy lives!

spicers bakery

Spicer's Bakery

In 1950 Dave Spicer opened up a little Bakery in Aylmer Ontario, simply named Spicer's Bakery. It began as a small bakery with a big following. Over the years customers have come to expect great quality baked goods and donuts at a reasonable price.

In 2005 Dave retired, leaving his recipes in the skilled hands of former Rocket Scientist Steve Nakonecznyj (If you are going to trust anyone with time honoured recipes, who better then a Rocket Scientist).

With his hard working wife Tracy by his side, the Nakonecznyj's have worked diligently to improve upon the Spicer's already fantastic products by making healthier choices, such reducing sugar, salt and trans fat in many of their products.

Spicer's greatest aspirations are to make the most wholesome and health conscious baked goods and breads while retaining the flavours that make Spicer's products delectable.

streamliners espresso bar

Streamliners Espresso Bar

We will be offering our cold brew, The 20th Century, Lemonade and 1 pound bags of Las Chicas Del Coffee. We will also have a small assortment of pastries.

sungold organics

Sungold Organics

Operating on less than one acre and guided by the principles of bio-intensive, ecological production, Andrew grows a range of seasonal produce and herbs.

the hot sauce co

The Hot Sauce Co.

The Hot Sauce Co. is a vision for the future of top quality, spicy sauces. I hope to umbrella other makers in the future and provide a platform to share great quality products with the world. This company is about showing people that flavor and heat are friends with benefits in the right combination. It’s about showing people that hot sauce, real hot pepper sauce, has great benefits when you include it in your diet.

the welsh baker

The Welsh Baker

The Welsh Baker was established in 2018. Owned and operated in the same small city of St. Thomas where Jude Anderson-Clutz - food lover and creator - was born and raised. Our wee Welsh Cakes started it all. Using our family bakestone that traveled from Wales to Canada and a hand written recipe we started a small baking business which because of the overwhelming response from the community that we serve has grown and flourished. We now offer a wide variety of baked good, catering, and more.

wildflowers farm

Wildflowers Farm

Offering our herbal tea, honey, bath and body botanicals, fresh herbs + flowers. Have a look through our farm store + tea pages for our product offerings.