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Wildflowers Farmers Market is an initiative created to support our local small business community. Every Friday night from June to Thanksgiving, Wildflowers welcomes farmers, food producers, chefs, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs to share their passions and talents with you. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the farm whether you come to shop, plant yourself in the garden patio sipping botanical cocktails + brews, listen to live music (and watch the chickens free range!) or stroll through the gardens, you are left with a sense of calm and connection to nature and community. 

Exciting news: dogs on leash are now allowed at our
Farmers Market. Remember to bring bags & clean up after your dog.

Please note:
dogs are not permitted indoors.

Fridays 4pm-8pm | June 3rd -October 7th

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market after dark

Join us under the moonlight at Market After Dark. Once a month, Wildflowers Farmers Market will be extending its market and patio hours and hosting live bands, DJs and special guest vendors.

We’ve curated an exciting Market After Dark lineup for this season and can’t wait to enjoy some late-night sips, snacks & songs with you at the farm.

June 24th - Vintage & Vinyl 
4pm - 10pm

July 22nd - Blooms & Brews
4pm - 10pm

August 26th - Island Vibes
4pm - 10pm

September 23rd - Taco Fest
4pm - 10 pm

October 7th - Join us for our  final market of the season
- with a county fair flair!

x-mas market

Saturday, November 12

11 am - 4 pm 

Tickets are $5, children 12 and under free

It’s that magical time of year - where Wildflowers Farm transforms into a winter wonderland.

Shop for one-of-a-kind gifts and homemade treats from over 40 local crafters, makers & chefs. Come dressed in your favourite ugly Christmas sweater, gather with friends and stay warm by the fires. Sip hot cider, mulled wine or craft beer as you enjoy live holiday themed entertainment. 

Our x-market is sure to get you in a merry mood & leave you inspired (and ready) for the holiday season ahead! 

Parking will be available onsite. Carpool with friends. Be mindful of traffic when parking & stay safe!

Bee sure to include our market in your holiday shopping circuit!


Meet our amazing community of vendors. We encourage you to browse their profile and follow their social media pages for weekly specials and promotions. 

East of the Garden is a small family owned farm located in southwestern Ontario. Currently growing on about 1/4 of an acre, they offer quality cut flowers used in their own floral arrangements and market bouquets. They grow their flowers in open field and raised beds with sustainability in mind. 

This year we are expanding our growing space ago 3/4 of an acre. Adding a 35 member csa (will be called a harvest box program). Doing 2 local markets. And adding prepared and frozen meals throughout the season. Seasonal veggies, frozen meals: soups and cabbage rolls, 
Freshly Prepared foods: will vary. Smoothies salads.

In 2019 our lil urban farm was started. Thanks to Wildflowers Market in 2020, Lil'Greens have been able to start on the journey of sharing their Lil' Greens with the community. We grow 7 varieties of microgreens and offer 4 mixes in small and large bags -custom requests can be made in advance for individual varieties. Our current goal is to spread the word about microgreens, educate the community on the health benefits of Microgreens and help repair the health of our market families and loved ones. 

Harvest Moon is an artisan preserve company founded in 2014. We produce classic and unique recipes with local, organic and biodynamically grown ingredients. With the utmost attention to flavour and detail, we aim to provide sustainable indulgence.We are finishing up construction of our shop. We will be running take out and a storefront downtown st.thomas, shortly!

We started our business a couple years ago selling pumpkins and veggies from our front porch. We have grown to include sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks and a couple cows, as well as honey bees, cut flowers and hand-made crafts, including all-natural soaps, wool hats and fur pompoms. We believe in direct-to-consumer, farm-to-table eating and supporting local farmers and businesses! We will be offering Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Veggies, Honey, Wool/yarn, Crafts,  and Canned goods.

This is our Second year of selling cut flowers. Last year was our “trial year” and we had so much fun, learned so much, and are diving in head on for year 2! Although this is our second year growing flowers, we are actually a family farm that has been here for generations (our parent farm is a Century Farm). Selling Farm Grown Flowers, bouquets and arrangements. 

At Understory botanicals we believe in Balance - balance between plants and science and between the garden and the lab. This is why all of our products are formulated with our 5 plant botanical complex (grown on our farm) and clinical active ingredients, for the best of both worlds. 

Black Maple Farm: Natural products harvested from the field, gardens and forest. Syrup in late winter, lavender and herbs in the summer, botanical bundles from spring to fall. Black Maple Farm has been producing ultra-small-scale batches of syrup since 2014. Each batch is produced over a wood fired evaporator and is unique and full of flavor. We look forward to seeing you at the market!

We use very little pesticides on our produce, trying to go to more organic as time goes on. We have a variety of different produce growing on the farm, and our aim is that it would be as natural and holistic as possible. Our goal is to make sure people get what they paid for. How will we achieve it? We care deeply about our farm and our produce. 

Marx Mushrooms strives to bring top quality mushrooms to the table for their gourmet features as well as function for health. Offering fresh and dried mushrooms; crimini, portobello, shiitake, maitake, oyster, king oyster , cordyceps, , morels, chanterelles, giant puffball, wood blewits, field agaricus, teas; turkey tail(trametes Versicolor) with green tea, lions mane (hericium Erineceus) with black chai tea.

We are a family-run produce business operated by a family of four (mother and 3 children). We started in 2020 with the goal of providing fresh local produce for our local community with a passion to solidify the local food chain from supply turmoil.  Approximately 80-90% of our sales are retail, and we would like to keep it that way; maintaining as much of a direct-to-consumer model as possible.

We are a family owned & operated food producer, located in London Ontario. Our pierogi are handcrafted using locally sourced ingredients. We feature traditional and seasonal fillings. Available in Arva Flour, gluten-friendly or vegan gluten-friendly dough. We partner with small, family run farms & producers in southwestern Ontario to bring you our family's pierogi recipe. 

A Brother and sister partnership that share the love of good food! Porchetta, Scottish Meat Pies and Artisan Sausages! Offering Porchetta and Chicken on the bun with our delicious Salsa Verde with a garden salad.We love the atmosphere of the outdoor market. We love introducing our porchetta to new and old repeat customers.

Was born with the idea to make known a bit of the Venezuelan culture here in Canada and also to bring memories to those who have been far from their roots. Offering Venezuelan Bites flavours: queso fresco, ham & cheese, guava & cheese, nutella, ground beef and potato & cheese churros with dulce de leche.

Big D's has been in Woodstock Ontario for 4 years serving artisan sandwiches and dill pickles. In the last year we have expanded our pickle products to include 5 varieties of dill pickles, plus other fruits and vegetables. Serving up sammys and deep fried pickles!

My love for baking has always been my way to release stress and, as a stay at home mom, I often find it difficult to make time for myself.  I bake small batch items, with a focus on using local ingredients as much as possible. My pecans are sourced from Clover Pecan and my spices are all purchased through Pepper Tree. I try to shop local and use fresh farm ingredients whenever possible. Baked goods such as cheesecakes, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, squares, bars, and biscuits 

I'm a baker specializing in french macarons who recently started selling them. I'm looking forward to participating in your market to share my passion and to meet and network with other local small businesses.

Sue Helm has always been an avid baker for her family of six when her eldest son discovered he had celiac disease, with her other three children realizing gluten intolerances shortly thereafter. Sue had a new challenge; to recreate those beloved treats to be indiscernibly gluten free. Together with her daughter Sara, Helm Baked works to offers a variety of gluten free cakes, cookies, cupcakes, breads, loaves, butter tarts, and pies. 

We officially launched our business in 2019. We had been. busy raising our family and finally had the time to take our much loved family used products to the next level. We truly are a family business. We are very unique to our product line as no one else has our recipes. We pride ourselves on top quality meat and process. We are dairy and gluten free as well. We are made more artisan style with an old school technique. 

We started out as any business small and we’re just going to produce candles for ourselves and family. We gave one to one of her neighbours my daughter took some up to none of it and here we are today last year we sold almost 2000 candles.

I've started my business 2 years ago. Its handmade things that I carefully create. Offering Baby accessories.
Handmade clothes
Handmade accessories

The history is that I am a digital fabric designer and an avid sewer for years.I print my own fabrics .I started to make and sell dog bandanas at the markets and that evolved to making leashes, collars, treat pouches, hiking fanny pouches, home decor pillows. Offering unique accessories for pets and their owners.

A few years ago I looked at our family’s dry, cracked skin and decided that something needed to change. It took months of trial and error, learning and failing until we had a bar that we all liked but we were eventually successful! Not only did our skin look and feel better but the kids loved to help measure the ingredients and help pick out new scents. Our soap uses organic ingredients and is eco-friendly, not only in itself, but in the packaging we use. 

My business model : Mindful of our planet to leave a green footprint by creating affordable hand made reusable items. Making the switch to a zero waste lifestyle should not be expensive. I like to keep my items affordable to make that transition easy. Having a small business has been a journey and truly grateful for all the learning and growing - personally and professionally.

Madebyschae was created in February of 2021! It started out at just a small quarantine hobby in the corner of my bedroom but soon turned into a full time gig. My business started in Niagara, but has now moved to Port Stanley. I strive to create cute products that are affordable.Offering Crewneck sweaters, tshirts, tote bags, glassware, stickers.

Home hobbyist making custom tables and entertaining items and jewelry out of wood and resin. Offering Cutting boards, charcuterie boards, cribbage boards, coasters, wine caddies, pens, resin jewelry, resin and wood products including tables.

I operate out of my home, providing pottery lessons, DIY pottery kits and handmade pottery. I offer custom work and do a lot of logo work for different businesses. Offering Handmade pottery, DIY mug kits.

Named after my late grandmother’s birthday and what started out as a way to pass time at the beginning of COVID, July Third has quickly turned into my favourite hobby. The primary purpose of July Third is to provide thin and fine haired gals and gents accessories they can use that won’t slip or budge.

It started with a DIY project to make handmade gifts for family & friends, then quickly took off through the local markets and wonderful local shops around the Forest City. Offering Flaxseed Aromatherapy: Neck Warming Pillows,  Meditation Eye Pillows, Tummy Pillows,  Boo Boo Pillows.

We are a small local business that specializes in a line of healthy whole food bars that are vegan & gluten free. We have been in operation since 2012 and love what we do. Our goal is to continue doing what we enjoy. Kosuma turns 10 this year. Our intention is to continue to provide a quality product to our loyal customers & to grow in our community.

House based business, creative designs and all handmade beadwork. Have been making and selling for about 3 years now. Custom designs welcomed. Have over 1000 different beads and Stones available to work with. Offering Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings.

We create products that bring you into a new state of being, not only within yourself but in the world. Offering bath salts, lotions, body oils, sprays.

We are a husband and wife team who love to create pottery in our home studio. After receiving positive feedback from friends and family and running out of room to store our pottery, we decided to have a sale in our driveway last summer. It was very successful and we had a number of people asking if they could purchase our pottery online which led us to creating and recently launching our website.

Pied Piper Company is family run business of two; a mother/daughter duo. We create custom, limited ingredient, human grade dog cookies and have 6 different varieties to choose from.

HEAP makes small and micro batch jams, jellies, mustards and other preserves. HEAP offers 20+ unique and one of a kind flavours in a variety of sizes, individual and in gift sets. HEAP uses their own and locally grown produce whenever possible. We also offer wholesale bulk pricing and can be found online and in several retail outlets across Ontario.

The Hot Sauce Co. is a premium, straight-up hot sauce company from London, Ontario, Canada. We create nutritionally flavourful products that inspire a bold and healthy lifestyle using all-natural, fresh ingredients. Our products will show you there's no need for funny names and gimmicks, you'll see that flavour and heat are friends with many benefits. 

We started out as any business small and we’re just going to produce candles for ourselves and family. We gave one to one of her neighbours my daughter took some up to none of it and here we are today last year we sold almost 2000 candles.

Established in 2017, we are a family owned and primarily run business with two locations (London/Mount Brydges) At our cafes we offer fresh pour over coffee, lattes, etc as well as our homemade gelato and a variety of baked goods. Everything we make is from scratch and almost all of the other products we carry are from another local producer (ie our coffee beans are roasted locally in Strathroy)

Real deal small-batch ice cream handmade from natural ingredients 💗 Dairy/gluten-free/vegan/sugar-free options!

Harbour Cheesecake will be opening up in Port Stanley in April. We are a new business that will offer New York Cheesecake slices dipped in chocolate topped with decadent toppings.

TWGH is an owner operated bakery located in London, On. We make all natural sourdough bread and pastries using Canadian whole grains that we mill in house weekly. Offering Sourdough Bread, Pastries

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